Allison Geismer

Hometown: New York, NYAllison Geismer

Education: Binghamton University – Major: Mathematics

Allison is a native New Yorker who was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. While attending The Computer School, a middle school on the Upper West Side, Allison realized she had a passion for math and was fortunate to study under some great educators. While in high school and University, she realized that not everyone shared the same passion for math that she had and the majority of people shied away from the subject. It seemed to her that most people shied away as a result of a lack of understanding and struggling in school when they were younger. Math is not an easy subject and can require more attention and focus, but with over crowding in schools, it can be difficult to address everyone’s individual needs. After spending four years studying Mathematics at Binghamton, Allison wanted to devote her time to helping young students to understand math and learn how accessible and useful it can be in everyone’s life. Allison is hoping to help students realize their own passions. She is excited to be a BETA and help young kids this year!

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