Alison Denzer-King

 Tucker, GA

Education: Psychology, Study of Education, Wesleyan University

Placement: Bronx River High School

Alison grew up just outside of Atlanta, where she spent her teenage years involved in any extracurricular that combined writing and interacting with people, including writing for the high school newspaper, participating in debate team, serving as an admissions tour guide and teaching at a writing camp. Despite entering Wesleyan University set on majoring in English, both out of a love for the subject and a desire to one day be a high school English teacher, Alison realized she had to redesign her educational plan after her first psychology course. She continued her dedication to writing and literature by serving as a writing tutor for three years and a TA for literature courses. Meanwhile, within her major, she delved into educational psychology, specifically focusing on the role of testing in education. Outside of class, she became involved in the university’s mental health community, serving as a facilitator of a peer support group. Through educational psychology courses, she became interested in the issues facing many traditional teacher training programs, as well as the schools and students most in need of quality teaching. Blue Engine seemed like the perfect response to those problems, a way to both introduce her to her dream job and have a measurable, positive impact on her students.

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