Abbie Galloway

 Pickford, MI

Education: Science and Society, Brown University

Placement: Bronx Leadership Academy II

Abbie grew up in a rural part of Northern Michigan, surrounded by forests and agricultural land. Her parents always stressed the importance of education, seeking out new opportunities, and embracing situations that pushed her out of her comfort zone. In high school, she began to travel around the U.S. and quickly fell in love with the city life. She attended college at Brown University in Providence, RI, where she wanted to study everything. She chose to major in Science and Society. Coming from a small community where everyone knew everyone, she wanted to connect more with the Providence outside of the college bubble. During her first year, she started working with Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment, where she tutored a student who had recently relocated to Providence as a refugee. She worked with this student through her senior year, which allowed Abbie to see how relationship building can–and should be–an integral part of education. During her time at Blue Engine, Abbie hopes to continue building relationships, both inside the classroom and out.

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