Aaron Weinstock

New Hyde Park, NY

Education: BA English and Philosophy, University of Delaware

Placement: Bronx River High School

Aaron was born and raised in New Hyde Park, Long Island. Throughout his four years of undergraduate study, Aaron gained a fervor for reading, writing, and teaching. In college, Aaron took a semester abroad to study existential philosophy in Copenhagen, Denmark, and while there, had the opportunity to sit in on high school literary English classes to compare the Danish educational model to America’s. His passion for education began to form quickly with this cross-cultural study, as he began to see the tangible effects that a great education could have on a student. The existential classes Aaron took in Copenhagen pushed his passion for education even further. He began to embody the concept that with great effort one could overcome difficulties they were born into; difficulties that they could not change. His passion for education grew from this belief as Aaron began to see education as a platform where great effort translated into a life more probable to achieving self-fulfillment and great success. Aaron’s first experience with teaching was a mentoring and tutoring position with the College School in Newark, Delaware. While there, Aaron tutored English and mentored students from underprivileged areas to take control of their education through concerted efforts and focused future goals. Aaron is extremely excited for his year with Blue Engine.

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