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About Blue Engine

Blue Engine is a New York-based nonprofit that harnesses the power of national service to combat a cycle of college under-preparedness by recruiting, training, and supporting a professional corps of Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) dedicated to academic acceleration in high-need public high schools. Our BETAs are placed in school-based teams that work with every student in the grade level – not just high achievers and not just students who need more attention – a feature of Blue Engine designed to minimize the number of students who feel stigmatized by “high dose tutoring” and provide a way for students of all ability levels to have safe, individualized spaces to learn.

Blue Engine helps its students master the academic skills required for high school, college and work success. By accelerating achievement in core academic courses, Blue Engine prepares students in our target schools for the higher-level courses necessary to succeed in college and work. Blue Engine seeks individuals whose past experiences have prepared them both to excel under challenging circumstances and to affect measurable change in the lives of young people. After a highly competitive selection process, our 2013-2014 BETAs will begin their year of service in August 2013 in New York City.

About the Teaching Assistantship

Throughout twelve months of service, BETAs work in school-based teams, collaborating with school staff to help entire grade levels make dramatic gains in academic achievement.  During the 2013-2014 academic year, BETAs will support students enrolled in high school Math and English Language Arts courses.  An intensive four-week training program in August prepares BETAs to review content, learn how to set ambitious goals, invest students in their own success, and conduct measurably effective small group instruction that is both flexible and responsive to student learning.  During the school year, BETAs work with small groups of students (4-6) and collaborate with teachers in the classroom and after school to customize instruction, increase academic rigor, and build empowering relationships with students at every academic level.

We are seeking BETAs committed to:

In short, Blue Engine is a new kind of service opportunity. To learn more, get involved today:


At Blue Engine, we are committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization, striving to recruit a workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which we serve. We seek individuals of all backgrounds to join our team, embracing our differences, big, small, seen and unseen, as crucial to the success of our mission. When combined with a shared culture of core values, these differences create the conditions for self-discovery, open communication, critical thinking, and — most importantly — our collective ability to create a measurable impact in the lives of young people.




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How to Apply

Step One: Sign up

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Step Two: Apply

Step Three: Interview

After a review of online applications, qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a thirty minute phone interview.  A select number of applicants will be invited to attend a half-day in-person interview session in New York City.  Final decisions will be announced in mid-March (first deadline) and mid-April (second deadline) to allow Fellows sufficient time for planning and travel arrangements prior to the beginning of training in August 2013.

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