Mission & Core Values


Blue Engine partners with schools to unlock human potential.

We bring together teams of teachers working in historically oppressed communities to reimagine the classroom experience for all students, resulting in dramatic gains in academic achievement and diverse groups of apprentice teachers prepared for success in the classroom.


We believe:

          BETA icon     In the infinite potential of all humans

        Core Values icon_educational system   In an educational system that works to liberate that potential

       Core Values icon_teams    Teams enable outcomes that individuals alone cannot achieve

        Core Values icon_measurable   Good intentions cannot be confused with measurable results

       Core Values icon_human connections  Strong human connections and relationships are our lifeblood


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Year One

Produced by Kornhaber | Brown, this mini-documentary provides an explanation of Blue Engine’s model and approach.

Year Two

Produced by Kornhaber | Brown, this mini-documentary tells the powerful story of the relationships between a BETA and her students.